Taking A Tour Of Other Blogs- Part 2

Blog lettersContinuing on from my post last week where I picked five of my favourite blogs, here are my next five for you to enjoy. If you are a writer, then these blogs are packed full of information to help you along in your journey.

1) Over at The Jack B, he is talking about his cures for writing block. The soution is painfully simple, which is why I read his blog.

The most effective tool I have for curing writer’s block consists of two words: Just Write.

That’s all it takes- Just Write. Stop thinking and do. Stop worrying about whether the words flow or if they make sense and Just Write. The most important part of this exercise isn’t trying to write a sonnet that would make Shakespeare weep or a book that would make Mark Twain jealous.

The Jack B Blog

2) Over at PJ Parson’s blog, she is talking about the importance of grammar.

I was listening to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) noon-time ‘open-mouth’ show on the radio as I drove from one appointment to another on Monday.  The guest ‘expert’ that day happened to be a grammar expert: I missed the introduction, but I inferred that he was a high school English teacher.  He and the host discussed various aspects of grammar,  and people called in with their grammar-related questions, as well as their pet peeves.  In his attempt to avoid the jargon as he put it, his explanations of why certain English grammar rules are what they are lost something in the translation making it difficult to view his explanations with much credibility.

Backstory Writing Blog

3) Over at Nail your Novel, Roz Morris talks about her reasons for Self Publishing her novel and asks, should you?

‘Are you glad you self-published your novel?’ said Stacy Green to me, in the secret passages of Twitter.

‘Totally,’ I replied. Although I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Stacy replied: ‘I’m in the early query process and wondering if I’m making a mistake.’

‘Stacy, I think you should carry on querying.’

An answer that might sound like I’m being disloyal to the indie cause. But here’s my reasoning.

But why????

Nail Your Novel Blog

4) Over at Eoin Purcell’s blog, he is talking about everything to do with publishing and the book market. This article focuses on Kobo’s announcement that they were planning on becoming a publisher.

When Kobo announced that they were planning on becoming a publisher I meant to write  a post that said something to the effect of:

That makes sense, in fact it’s essential to their survival. What’s also essential is that they open their publishing platform to writers, and allow them to self-publish their work just as Amazon and B&N do.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are having considerable success for a variety of reasons, but an important and, I think, underplayed aspect of that success is built on allowing authors to access their platforms.

In many ways, Kindle has become the international ebook platform of choice for writers because it has been the easiest platform to self publish through.

Eoin Purcell’s Blog

5) And finally over at The Writing Bomb, Jeff Bennington talks about how to sell more e-books.

You’ve read all the blog posts about price points, editing, and cover art, but do you know how to sell more books by tweaking your book’s product description page?

I recently read Dollars & Sense by the writerly trio of Carolyn McCray, Amber Scott, and Rachel Thompson (hitherto called the IBC girls because they are the founders of The Indie Book Collective), and I wanted to share a portion of the book with you.

One of the sections that really grabbed me was the part about the Amazon product description page.

The Writing Bomb

I hope you enjoyed my tour of other people’s blogsites and that it inspired you to read them. Or at least you might take something away with you as you continue in your quest to become a published writer!