Blog Poll – And the Answers Keep Rolling In

One thing I’ve noticed is that a blog post is never a one time/one audience deal. You don’t post to Twitter or Facebook once and hope that you catch all your readers at the same time. No, you stagger the post over time, because it never loses its relevance and new readers might come by to check it out.

I love that about blogging. It is like an open party. You can come and go as you please.

So, the blog poll I had put together was originally attached to How to Write a Killer Blog Post. By the time I had my next post ready to go, I stuck a P.S. on the end that reported Writing and posts up to 500 words in length as the most popular.

Since then, I’ve had new visitors to my site and with it came new votes.

Currently, the results look like this;

Venn Diagram

As I got chatting to a few people,  I realised that the occassional longer post is okay. I need to keep in mind that blogging isn’t just about me, its also about what my readers want. And then, its about balancing my time and making sure I can produce posts on a consistent basis to ensure that everyone comes back.

By listening to what people want, my aim is to carve up my monthly posts to suit everyone. Or at least that’s what I hope will happen!

You might have noticed that the blog poll is sitting on my sidebar, so now you can vote without having to read anything.  How easy is that?  But if you wanted to read a post and leave a comment, then I wouldn’t have a problem with that  :)

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  1. You’re so right about this; I find my blog stats fascinating, as some of my older posts get more regular hits than current ones on a regular basis.

    1. Plenty of people view my post the day I publish it, but the comments seem to build over time. Just because a post doesn’t immediately attract comments, doesn’t mean it won’t.

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