Dystopian Fiction – Fad or Fab?

Dystopian Fiction. We’re all familiar with this term since since Suzanne Collin’s ‘ The Hunger Games ‘ trilogy and Hugh Howey’s extraordinarily successful novel, ‘Wool’ has catapulted this subgenre into mainstream fiction. But, is dystopian fad or fab?

I’m not sure exactly when  vampires became the ‘in’ thing. Maybe it was before a particular book emerged, but you can’t deny that the release of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight trilogy (four books actually), made vampire love hot. What happened after was that books with similar subject matter flooded the market. New authors were keen to jump on the tsunami of success that these other authors had created. Not only that, but a string of television shows appeared; from the Vampire Diaries to True Blood; both adapted from novels. But has the genre now run its course?

Back to dystopian fiction and tales of grim futures are everywhere; in books, films and TV shows. But is this genre really here to stay? I hope it is. One thing I really love is science fiction TV and films. I particularly enjoy stories about our not-so-distant future.

Image of Dystopian future

Countless discussions and blog posts on everything ‘Dystopia’ tells me that the subgenre is not going away yet. I found many articles online but this one from Pop Matters caught my eye. They’re discussing the rise of popular YA fiction such as ‘The Hunger Games’. Personally, what I like about that trilogy is that it crosses over into adult reading extremely well. I’ve read book 1 and 2 in the trilogy and it’s one of my favourite dystopian books so far.

Dystopias: YA Fad, or Here to Stay?

So what do you think of dystopian fiction?

Maybe you’re not a fan of Science Fiction; has the rise of Dystopia turned you on to Science Fiction as a genre?

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  1. I enjoyed Hunger Games but didn’t fancy the next two books as they looked like more of the same. A bit too grim for me. Have been toying with writing something dystopian, but probably by the time I do, the fad will be gone!

    1. Oh, that’s where we differ :-) I quite like grim; not horror, gruesome, body parts, but ‘all is not well’ stories. I enjoyed the three Hunger Games books, but was disappointed with the last. But you’re right, they don’t get any less grim!

      Genres, like fashion, will become popular again. Keep at it! You might just be the next big thing!

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