Author Beware!

There’s not much going on in the land of Eliza Green at the moment. I’m busy trying to promote BECOMING HUMAN and  edit book 2, ALTERED REALITY.  As the year progresses, more will be happening with Book 2 and I am working on a way to ensure that those of you who want updates on the next in the series, will get them. But that’s for another post and in the realm of self publishing, there is plenty going on.

Over the next while I want to bring to you some posts from my favourite blog sites, because if you are a writer, you are going to want to know this information.

Author Beware!

For self publishers or those of you who are still writing and wondering if it’s worth engaging the services of companies to do some of the work for you, please read this post.

Not all that glitters … well, you know how the saying goes.

With the rising success of self publishing, more companies are looking for ways to cash in on that success. Common sense should prevail and every decision we make as authors should be with one eye on the bank account, and another eye on whether you trust the proposed partnership.

Check out this post from The Passive Guy, highlighting the issue Penguin’s self publishing group had with a company called Author Solutions.

The Passive Guy