Newsletter – Dystopian Trilogy News

I’m shaking things up a little on Eliza Green Books.

Up until now, you could receive all information about my book in the blog feed. But I realise now that my blog is attracting two different sets of people: those who want writing information and readers who are looking for details about my Science Fiction Trilogy.

So, as of this week,  I’m splitting the information out.


I will continue to share writing information, whether it’s my own journey or interesting articles from other websites. I don’t want to lose this feature of my blog, because I think its important to keep on top of and share current writing topics. It’s a dynamic landscape and quite an interesting one!

rss feed

You can follow my blog in the normal way, either by adding the RSS feed to Feedly or a reader equivalent, or by subscribing to my blog.


I have set up a new email list on the right hand side of my blog bar, where readers or those interested in finding out more about my dystopian trilogy can sign up for the latest news.  Don’t worry, the newsletters will be infrequent enough; I appreciate that people are probably already following several newsletters/blogs/feeds etc…

mail chimp

I plan to put all relevant information about the Exilon 5 Trilogy into the newsletter that will include; sneak previews of new covers, exclusive content and any promotions I’m running.

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If you don’t want to sign up for the Book Newsletter, that’s okay. You can still follow my blog, Trilogy free of course!

Have you any thoughts or suggestions on this? Are you looking to set up your own mailing list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.