Becoming Human receives Compulsion Reads Endorsement

Before I get to the news about my book, I had said not that long ago that all  information relating to the Trilogy would go through my newsletter and I would only share with you the process of how I produced/marketed/sold my book.

Well…it’s almost true.

You see, I realise now that the people who are signing up for the newsletter aren’t interested in news about Book 1. They’re waiting on news about Book 2. They already know that they like Becoming Human.  So, I’m sharing the news with you, the folks that possibly haven’t read it.

And in a separate post, I will talk more about who Compulsion Reads are and how I got the endorsement seal for my book. Maybe a fancy seal is something that appeals to you? It can’t hurt, right? I’m certainly proud to show it off and it took a little work to get it.

Below is the official press release from Compulsion Reads.

Press Release



compulsion reads

Number One Indie Book Endorsement Site Gives Eliza Green’s Latest/Debut Novel The Thumbs Up

20th June, 2013 – Becoming Human written by Eliza Green has met the high quality standards set by Compulsion Reads and earned that organization’s esteemed endorsement.

The Compulsion Reads evaluation system is built upon assessing and endorsing those indie novels that possess the foundational components of a good story, including well-developed characters, strong pacing, a well-researched world and a powerful overall voice.

“The Compulsion Reads endorsement is all about discovering and highlighting the best indie books on the market and the talented authors behind them,” said Leslie Ramey, co-owner of Compulsion Reads. “When a reader sees the CR seal on a book’s cover, they know that they’re in for a good read. Becoming Human meets this standard, and Eliza Green is definitely an author to keep an eye on.”

About Becoming Human

Two worlds. Two species. One terrifying secret.

Climate change, population control issues and a dystopian Earth forces humans to scour the galaxy for a new home.

The discovery of another race on the new planet is disrupting efforts to relocate the entire population.

The Indigenes, the race that occupies Exilon 5, must become human to protect their species from further harm.

A terrifying secret will change everything.

Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian

Word Count: 89k

This novel will appeal to fans of Hugh Howey, author of the Wool series.

“After spending so much time writing the book and having only just published it in December 2012, I am thrilled to have received an endorsement from Compulsion Reads, one of the biggest supporters of indie writers,” said the book’s author, Eliza Green. “This distinction serves to highlight all the hard work I’ve put into bringing the story of Becoming Human to life.”

Becoming Human is available for sale at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. For a full list of retail sales outlets, you can click here. The ebook version is currently priced at $3.99/£2.64/€3.11, while the paperback version is priced at $14.95/£9.97/€12.28. Interested readers can also learn more about Becoming Human by visiting the Compulsion Reads Endorsed Book library at

Eliza Green is currently working on Altered Reality, Book 2 in the Exilon 5 Trilogy.

About the Author: Eliza Green has worked in many industries from fashion to finance, but nothing has really challenged her as much as writing. Four years ago, a short story idea spawned Becoming Human and soon after, the Exilon 5 Trilogy was born. The Trilogy presents a dystopian future where world population and pollution are serious issues and explores what happens when humans opt for the easiest solution. Becoming Human, a sci fi adventure book, is the first in the Trilogy and her debut novel. Green lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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Compulsion Reads seeks to encourage higher readership of indie authors by providing a quality standard for independently published novels. The Compulsion Reads Endorsement is given to those books that pass an evaluation process based on the fundamental qualities of good storytelling. For more information on Compulsion Reads, visit To see all the novels that have received the Compulsion Reads Endorsement, visit the company’s Endorsed Book Library at

2 thoughts on “Becoming Human receives Compulsion Reads Endorsement

  1. What a great review of your book, Eliza, and you deserve so much credit for all the work and effort you put into it – I’m sure that your second one will deserve a great review also.  You must be very proud and all your Canadian relatives are proud to knoow such a talented writer.   John started reading it and then Anna, Ed’s wife and Brendan, his son were bugging him to hurry up so he passed it on to them.  Although I don’t always keep in touch on a regular basis, I follow your blog, as we all do, and we have always felt a special connection with your Mom’s children.  Keep up the good work, my dear.   Love            Anne & John 

    1. Thank you Anne! Glad to hear the family is eager to read it. I’m afraid the book did have to change a little in order to qualify for the endorsement, but the version you have is still a good read and the story in both versions is identical! Don’t forget, I’m on the email if you want to chat!

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