Don't Ignore the Power of Paper

How Paper and Glue Books Might Lead to Your Next Best Idea. I admit that more often than not, I used the computer to answer my questions. I have a nifty widget that pops up and becomes an instant thesaurus and dictionary. But there are some times that I need to yank that old paper…

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Living Longer- It Might be Possible

We really are as old as we feel – The Irish Times – Thu, Jul 21, 2011. THE FASTEST-growing segment of the world population now is the very old – it is projected that centenarians will number six million worldwide by the year 2050 and 25 per cent of Western populations will be 60 or…

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Male Versus Female Writers. Which is better?

I like serious books. In fact, crime novels are my favourite. I need to be drawn into a story by strong characters. I read at night because it is the time when I want to switch off from the world. I read paperback because I am afraid the brightness of an e- reader would disturb…

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