Dissent and Intent Paperback is now available!

Following on from the release of my two ebooks, Dissent & Intent, I’m thrilled to let you know both books are now available in one paperback.



Orphaned Dom Pavesi and Sheila Kouris are rescued from their ailing towns to join the emerging adult education programme in Arcis. But what Arcis doesn’t know is they’re in the programme for a reason.
Discover Dom and Sheila’s secrets in this Feeder story.


Warren Hunt knows that Compliance is used to subdue the Arcis participants. But his parents’ talk of “the outside” pushes him to complete the programme and find out whether they really abandoned him to join the rebellion.
Uncover the truth about Warren’s motives in Arcis.

You can purchase the print and the ebooks here:

Dissent/Intent print

Dissent ebook

Intent ebook

About The Author

Eliza Green

Author of the Exilon 5 series. Destroyer of fictional lives. Tea drinker. Likes dark, gritty stories and witty humour.

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