Isobel is here. Plus a new look for the series!

I’ve been busy producing lots new content this year and two books I worked on after I finished QUANTUM SILENCE were ISOBEL and MARCUS. Both characters feature in QUANTUM SILENCE and are integral parts of the story but neither character’s story was explored in great detail.

Until now.

ISOBEL is the first book in these two QUANTUM SILENCE stories, which I’m happy to announce is available to purchase now. I’m loving her cover. If you’re familiar with the Exilon 5 series, you will notice it is a departure from the usual use of bright colour. The new look has even prompted me to rethink the covers for the rest of the series!


So what’s the book about? Here’s the short description because the long one contains spoilers if you haven’t read BECOMING HUMAN.

Isobel thought she was returning to Earth a free Indigene.

But someone has different plans for her.

Now she must break free from her new prison.


You can grab ISOBEL from the following stores:






And QUANTUM SILENCE, which introduces ISOBEL is on sale for 99c/99p until Thursday this week. So be sure to grab your copy today!

Up next month is MARCUS. I can’t wait to show you the cover for that!

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