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exilon 5 prequel boxset

Author: Eliza Green

Series: Exilon 5 Prequel Boxset: Echoes of Earth, New Origin

Genre: Sci Fi

Length: 104 pages

Publication: 21st April 2016


Stuck on a desolate Earth no one wants to live on, Bill and Isla Taggart search for meaning in their work.  A chance encounter with one man will change their fate forever.

Join Bill and Isla as they face new challenges and discover new enemies.

Echoes of Earth is a short story prequel to Becoming Human, set on Earth.


The continuing human invasion of Exilon 5 forces the Indigenes to change how they live and how they eat. While Stephen and Anton take calculated risks to protect the Indigenes during the invasion, another risks the entire safety of the Indigenes of District Three.

Follow Stephen and Anton as they rebel against the changes forced upon them.

New Origin is a short story prequel to Becoming Human, set on Exilon 5.

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