The wait is over. Quantum Silence is finally here!

quantum silence

Have you been eagerly following my Exilon 5 series, wondering when the fourth book would be released? Well, wait no longer. Quantum Silence is finally here!

Crimson Dawn, book three in the series, was released in late 2014, so if you’ve been waiting for this book, I’m so sorry for the delay. I’d actually completed the first draft of Quantum Silence in 2015 but I didn’t revisit it until after I started writing full-time in 2016. Quantum Silence picks up eight years after Crimson Dawn ends.The World Government has abandoned Earth and the criminal factions have come out of hiding to take over the new world. Here’s a little about the book.

quantum silence

‘Go home, bottom feeders! We don’t want you here.’

A year after the Indigene peace accord, the World Government takes the skilled workers and relocates to Exilon 5, abandoning the young and elderly on Earth.

In the seven years that follow, the criminal factions, previously repressed by the regime, emerge to take control of the cities and the people. Keen to reconnect with their human past lives, some Indigenes return to Earth, only to be captured by the factions.

Ben Watson witnesses the return of one such Indigene, Isobel. When she is sold to his own neighbourhood of Waverley, he pledges to help her reconnect with her old life.

Jenny Waterson, a member of the underground movement helping to liberate the people of Earth, discovers an encrypted message looping on her old digital pad. She believes there are hidden groups of skilled workers on Earth who can help to decipher the message. But so far, the movement has been unsuccessful in locating any of the skilled hideouts.

When Jenny hears about Waverley’s problem with failing life support, she considers a new connection between Ben’s neighbourhood and the message. As the movement seeks help in locating the skilled workers, it becomes clear that Isobel is no ordinary Indigene and may harbour a secret that could set them all free.

Continue on the journey with QUANTUM SILENCE, book four in the exciting Exilon 5 series.

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