America’s Next Top Author

The linked post is from Allegra, a teenager in the United States. Her blog is called Here’s To Us.

America’s Next Top Author (and other fantasy programs for book lovers) « Here’s To Us.

Think about it: in the realm of American TV, we have reality contest shows for just about everything, whether it’s cooking, modeling, singing, or navigating ridiculous obstacle courses and falling into giant tubs of mud and/or shaving cream. And that’s not even mentioning the realm of non-competitive reality programming à la the Kardashians. Here’s my question–why don’t we have anything for writing? My solution is “America’s Next Top Author.”

Wouldn’t this be a great idea? ‘Insert own country of origin”s Next Top Author? A reality show for those of us who love to write, or love to watch how others become so darn successful?

We all love to dream, and that is why we write. Perhaps someone could float this idea with a major network out there??? Pretty please?

I think I have had enough of shows like ‘Geordie Shore’, ‘The only way is Essex’ (UK shows), ‘Paris Hilton’s got friends that she likes to take the piss out of’ (made that one up) and MTV’s ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ brats. There is nothing ‘super’ or ‘sweet’ about these girls.

We need better role models for the kids and clever shows for the real humans out there.

Thanks reality TV, but if this is what reality is to you, then I would rather live in the real world.