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As an author, the hardest thing to do is write the next book. The easiest thing to do is keep writing. If you are interested in making a living from your work, it will not happen with just one book. Customers/readers/fans are more interested in multiple books. They must decide if they want to emotionally invest in a new author and risk that author not releasing the next one, and the next one after that. A few reviews I received for Becoming Human, Book 1 in my trilogy, commented on that very fact.

In one review, the reader wished she had found the trilogy later, because she preferred to read the books in succession. Only one book was out at the time and I can understand her hesitance to begin a trilogy in this way. Another said she loved the second book and hoped I finished the third.

That is an understandable worry in readers’ minds. What if I decided I couldn’t think of anything to write for the final one, so didn’t bother finishing the trilogy? I could (and should) expect several angry emails from readers.

But I’m not designed that way. If I promise something, it kills me not to deliver on that promise. I knew I HAD to write the third one if readers were going to take me seriously. Forget about what readers would have thought of me. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself.

As I head towards the release of Crimson Dawn, Book 3 in the Trilogy (out on 3rd October 2014), I have other books in the works and I am very excited about that. Longevity in this business is all about sustainability and product. I have to keep producing books and finding new readers for my older books. If you don’t believe me, then consider these bestselling and multi-millionaire indie authors.

Hugh Howey: About 15 published books; some are short stories, others are full length novels split into smaller books. But I think 15 just about covers it.
Liliana Hart: 30 plus books and counting.
Jasinda Wilder: 25 plus books and counting.
Sylvia Day: Upwards of 30 books.

It’s hard to write as fast as some of these authors (some are producing new work every month. Er, what????) but the key is to keep writing and producing work because the best promotion for you as an author is the next book.

To me, writing for success means turning what I do into a sustainable business. What does success mean to you?

About The Trilogy

What readers are saying about Becoming Human (Book 1)

‘Probably the best indie sci-fi I’ve ever read.’

‘The story was fascinating and really original.’

What readers are saying about Altered Reality (Book 2)

‘Excellent twist on everything we know to be right.’

‘I had difficulry putting this book down.’

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Eliza Green

Author of the Exilon 5 series. Destroyer of fictional lives. Tea drinker. Likes dark, gritty stories and witty humour.


  • Kylie Betzner

    September 24, 2014

    Completely agree. I think a lot of writers get discouraged when they do not receive the validation they deserve right away, but success takes time and a complete series. lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good luck!

    • Eliza Green

      September 24, 2014

      Kylie, it’s so true.The best advice I’ve heard is nobody cares about your book. Authors need to build trust with their readers and convince them why they need your book in their lives.

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