Fancy Some Fun Gadgets?

This is a light-hearted post about Gadgets. Now some of you will be aware of Think Geek, but for those of you who are unfamiliar…

Fancy some Mini Sticky Notes that reflect your mood?

Sticky NotesSticky Note on ComputerCome on? We have all thought about saying this to at least one person we have worked with…

Or how about a Star Trek Pizza Cutter?

Pizze Cutter in the shape of Starship EnterpriseIt gets better. What if you are stressed out and need to pop some bubble wrap, but there is none around? Have no fear… Use this magical device and make your bubble dreams come true.

Keychain with sound of bubblewrapOr how about a wand that acts as a remote for yout TV? You could be like Harry Potter or Hermione…


Even better, they deliver worldwide!

And don’t worry, I am not getting paid to tell you about this site!